In love in denial

Many conversations on the topic of ┬álove with those who denounce it as if they've resisted its pull and beaten it down or are somehow above it but it's a form of denial because they do not want to admit that love has in fact beaten them left them battered and bruised with such severe … Continue reading In love in denial


Dreams of a familiar stranger

When I close my eyes to dream I don't recognize the woman I see. Her long hair flows softly with the breeze, as she stands barefoot on the beach. Not a bikini-clad, sun goddess but a free-spirited bohemian princess. Her crooked, gap-toothed smile lights up her face as she warmly greets passersby. Not with a … Continue reading Dreams of a familiar stranger

My beauty

Reflected in his eyes: my beauty. His gaze, intense, as it softly strokes my hair, lightly kisses my lips, buries itself in the depths of my soul as it worships my breasts. I feel its caresses as it navigates my curves, explores all of me, before finding my center, craving its taste, yearning to dwell … Continue reading My beauty

I’ve got to stop eating? A Dear Diary moment

The LDS religion, of which I was a member for many years, believes that family history is important. They have one of, if not the, largest number of genealogical records in the world. But they're not just about researching your ancestry, they also advocate that an individual write his or her history for their progeny. … Continue reading I’ve got to stop eating? A Dear Diary moment

I was America

I was once land of the free, home of the brave. I was a pillar of strength. I welcomed and nurtured you, though none of you were my own. I brought you up to have pride, to build a legacy of hard work and innovation. Though you were all different, your love for me had … Continue reading I was America

Confined: solitary safety

Time passes as the rusting armor encasing me, protecting my wounded heart, shields us from storms. Its lock impenetrable. Then... You, a surprise. Your words earn the key. Your smile turns the lock. Your love is a light that cloaks me in warmth. But in time your light begins to blind me. The temperature rises … Continue reading Confined: solitary safety