The accidental feminist

I was 8 years old when my mom introduced our family to the Mormon missionaries she had run into one day on the way up the stairs in our apartment building. By that age, I'd already attended services in a variety of churches in Puerto Rico so Mom's proclivity for trying new religions was not particularly … Continue reading The accidental feminist


The Middle: Secrets, disappointments & rhetorical questions

If this is your first read, you can go back and start with  The Last Time, continue with The First Time, and read a post-script in the After "The Last time." _____________________________________________________________________________________ I was at my Mom's early last week, and while she went in the kitchen, I stayed in the hallway and tried to take the … Continue reading The Middle: Secrets, disappointments & rhetorical questions

Teach our daughters well

This morning, as I walked the few feet from the door of the coffee shop to the bus stop, I heard a woman’s voice yelling some vile and vicious things. In that neighborhood, waiting for that bus, someone yelling obscenities into a phone is a regular occurrence so I thought nothing of it. Most days, … Continue reading Teach our daughters well