Libby (42 / Single / No kids)

That woman there in the photo on the right, that's me at the start of my 38th birthday celebration. Doesn't she look happy? I was! In spite of the snow fall that January night, quite a few of my friends had managed to make it to my party and I had my special birthday martini … Continue reading Libby (42 / Single / No kids)


F*ck the glass slipper! It’s all about the purple suede stilettos

I almost typed the title of this post without the asterik, but figured I'd ease into the profanity on this blog. As I work to develop my writing voice I have to be authentic and the authentic me swears. Sometimes a lot. And as a good friend suggested when we discussed my blog, my blog … Continue reading F*ck the glass slipper! It’s all about the purple suede stilettos

Absolutely- NOT!

I just read the following phrase: "Try Jesus. If u don't like him, satan will always take you back" and all I could think as I read it is, "WOW! So if I don't believe in Jesus I'm damned?" It's such a strong statement, extenuating circumstances aren't a consideration. It's been that kind of week … Continue reading Absolutely- NOT!

What’s the opposite of May/December?

Last week I watched two movie classics, Funny Face with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn, and An American in Paris with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.  I have a few observations to share. I used to love musicals and now I find them annoying. Though I thought this was a recent discovery, it actually dates … Continue reading What’s the opposite of May/December?

What Cee Lo said!

I've heard people say that people swear/cuss/use profanity because of their small vocabularies.  I disagree.  There are just situations in which no other word but a profane one will do.  The use of just one cuss word can convey emotions that no other word and often, no other phrase, can. I know that when I … Continue reading What Cee Lo said!

Small Request

I've been feeling really cheated lately. I feel that I have spent my life working my ass off for everything that I have and I'm exhausted. I'm no longer seeing what I have as blessings but as compensation for all I put in to this thing called life. I look around me at the amazing … Continue reading Small Request