I’ve got to stop eating? A Dear Diary moment

The LDS religion, of which I was a member for many years, believes that family history is important. They have one of, if not the, largest number of genealogical records in the world. But they're not just about researching your ancestry, they also advocate that an individual write his or her history for their progeny. … Continue reading I’ve got to stop eating? A Dear Diary moment


The write stuff: Life in words

I received my first journal as a gift at the age of 11, just months after my family moved from Chicago to a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. It had a rough, grainy cover and it was red, my favorite color. I named it Scarlett. I don't remember having an interest in the art … Continue reading The write stuff: Life in words

A flood of memories

I just found a journal and in it I have only one entry. It's of a day sometime ago. A day I don't recall specifically but I remember the general feeling of that time in my life and I can imagine that with all that was going on; that day definitely had the potential to … Continue reading A flood of memories