Libby (42 / Single / No kids)

That woman there in the photo on the right, that's me at the start of my 38th birthday celebration. Doesn't she look happy? I was! In spite of the snow fall that January night, quite a few of my friends had managed to make it to my party and I had my special birthday martini … Continue reading Libby (42 / Single / No kids)


How did I get so fat?

Okay, so I actually have a pretty good idea of how I got fat, or at least how I gained weight (they tell me I'm not fat, just a lot thicker). But knowing is only part of the answer on how to get back to being not fat (see photo below). But being fat, heavier, … Continue reading How did I get so fat?

Making a deal with the devil

Earlier this week I was getting ready for my first day at work and I put on the only pair of slacks I have left from my old work wardrobe. They were way too loose on me. The last time I wore them was in late summer/early fall of 2009 when they were so snug … Continue reading Making a deal with the devil

I am a Ninja

After working my ass off from mid-January to February I lost 12 lbs. I haven't worked out since early March. There are excuses reasons.  Things got busy after the birth of my niece, then it was off to California for a vacation that I ruined by spraining my ankle and now I"m still limping and trying … Continue reading I am a Ninja

Fork in the Road

No, this blog is not about coming to a fork in the road and having to choose which path to take.   It's about the road that I took to get to my current weight and the fork (spoon, knife, bowl, plate, etc...) that I did not just glance at while I happily passed on … Continue reading Fork in the Road

Tell Me What You Don’t Like About Yourself

"Tell me what you don't like about yourself" ask the doctors on Nip/Tuck. For most women this is an easy question to answer. Most of us have a laundry list of things we'd like to change. My hair started graying when I was 13, after two attempts with braces the gap between my two front … Continue reading Tell Me What You Don’t Like About Yourself