Dreams of a familiar stranger

When I close my eyes to dream I don't recognize the woman I see. Her long hair flows softly with the breeze, as she stands barefoot on the beach. Not a bikini-clad, sun goddess but a free-spirited bohemian princess. Her crooked, gap-toothed smile lights up her face as she warmly greets passersby. Not with a … Continue reading Dreams of a familiar stranger


Writer’s Block: The battle for my mind

Like my dreams, forgotten once the sun rises, my mind writes paragraphs of beautiful prose that vanish as I attempt to put them on paper. For with its jealous nature my mind seeks sole possession of the depth of my thoughts. And just as I lay each morning fruitlessly trying to recall dreams as their memories … Continue reading Writer’s Block: The battle for my mind


I release the words that tell of my thoughts onto an empty white space. I watch as the different shapes, the circles, the lines across, and up and down flow together to form these words. They magically transform into my sorrows, my joys; my future, my past and the present I now live. They reveal … Continue reading Release