Going Gray: Super Heroine to Villainess

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend I rarely see that I was letting my hair grow out. I text him a photo and called myself Storm, which is what my co-workers had been calling me. He replied, "No. You're Rogue." I started typing back "buzzkill" but decided to Google Rogue first. My … Continue reading Going Gray: Super Heroine to Villainess


Libby (42 / Single / No kids)

That woman there in the photo on the right, that's me at the start of my 38th birthday celebration. Doesn't she look happy? I was! In spite of the snow fall that January night, quite a few of my friends had managed to make it to my party and I had my special birthday martini … Continue reading Libby (42 / Single / No kids)

Dear 40…

Last week my dear friend Eileen wrote A love letter to aging for the Being Latino blog. It was a touching tribute to all that is beautiful about growing older.  It really got me thinking about my issues with my next birthday—not that it takes much—when I turn 40. I thought that maybe writing my … Continue reading Dear 40…