“6 mins for the next 60 years of your life” is my favorite thing today

I needed this today. 6 minutes for the next 60 years of your life! Why not? I have the talent, experience and I still have plenty of time. So again, why not? And why not you too?

To go gray or not to…wait, what is the question?

I absolutely despise dyeing my hair. I will be 43 in six months, which will mean that at some point during that year there will have been 30 years of chemicals poured onto my poor head. That can’t be good, can it? But it’s not just about the chemicals at this point; the truth is … Continue reading To go gray or not to…wait, what is the question?

Libby (42 / Single / No kids)

That woman there in the photo on the right, that's me at the start of my 38th birthday celebration. Doesn't she look happy? I was! In spite of the snow fall that January night, quite a few of my friends had managed to make it to my party and I had my special birthday martini … Continue reading Libby (42 / Single / No kids)

Dear 40…

Last week my dear friend Eileen wrote A love letter to aging for the Being Latino blog. It was a touching tribute to all that is beautiful about growing older.  It really got me thinking about my issues with my next birthday—not that it takes much—when I turn 40. I thought that maybe writing my … Continue reading Dear 40…